Top Tips for Making Digital Marketing Work for Your Construction Business?


Traditionally, construction sector procurement decisions have been based on relationships with industry contacts, word of mouth recommendations and costs.

Those three pillars of business development remain just as relevant today. What’s changed, however, is that the digital revolution has made it possible to network online, research potential suppliers with the help of google and reach potential customers via email, SMS and social media.

Digital marketing has created a world of opportunity that allows the built environment supply chain to cast the net wider and much more easily for new customers, new technologies and new value delivery options.  It offers a varied toolkit for upscaling your marketing and your influence with limited resources.

However, that toolkit is also available to your competitors and, unless you use it effectively, your brand and sales messages could be lost in a sea of digital white noise.

There are lots of misconceptions about digital marketing and many in the construction sector still mistrust a technology-driven approach, feeling more at home with a handshake and a brochure.  However, the reality is that digital marketing is a handshake and a brochure for the 21st century – it just alters the way those touch points are delivered, enabling you to connect with more potential customers more quickly and easily. Moreover, you can connect with them from anywhere, at any hour of the day and in real time.

Digital marketing doesn’t have to be scary, but it does have to be done well.  Here are just a few of our top tips for ensuring digital channels achieve tangible marketing results for your business:

- Check that your website is easy to navigate, searchable, discoverable and mobile-enabled

- Post engaging, original content on social channels that drives traffic to your website and boosts your search engine rankings

- Connect with customers via social media by posting, sharing and commenting on content

- Use e-marketing campaigns to opted-in contacts to keep in touch with customers and warm prospects

- Ensure social media profiles and activity are consistent and appropriate across your team

- Integrate your digital activity with your traditional marketing programme to ensure your brand and message are consistent across all channels and accessible to all

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