How You Can Deliver Enhanced Sustainability


There are two kinds of sustainability in the construction sector.

There’s the mandatory compliance, box ticking kind that bolsters eco credentials and wins points on tender submissions.

Then there’s genuine sustainability; the kind that considers every element of reducing the impact of construction by taking out unnecessary carbon emissions and waste and adding in improved energy performance, increased life cycle and real social value.

The question is, if you’re one of those companies that genuinely puts sustainability at the heart of their business, how do you communicate that point of difference to stand out against competitors that are simply ticking the correct boxes.

The obvious answer is to clearly, effectively and regularly communicate what you’re doing to all relevant stakeholders across multiple platforms. This might include a tactical approach that includes PR and social media, along with website content, e-marketing, exhibitions etc.

But, just as your more considered approach to sustainability takes you beyond the norm, you may require a more strategic marketing approach to elevate you above the obvious…and the competition.

Sometimes, positioning your company as the gold standard for sustainability – or anything else for that matter – is not all about communicating what you do; it’s also about sharing what you know.

As a consequence, the added value tactics for your campaign might include lobbying on a particular sustainability issue, partnering with companies, not-for-profit organisations or charities aligned to your expertise, creating a manifesto as the centerpiece of your campaign or even producing a pocket guide book to sustainability.

These are all generic ideas that would need development, aligned to commercial strategy, budget and individual company goals, but the point is simple and common to any strategically-led campaign: influence is all about engagement so your tactical approach needs to start a conversation and provoke a response.

At CME, our campaigns are always strategic and always focused on helping you stand out in a competitive market. And, because we understand the construction sector, we have the knowledge and experience needed to help your points of difference count.

If you need our help standing out from the crowd on sustainability, or any other point of difference, why not give us a call on 0151 326 2333.