What Could Digital Marketing Do For You?

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From the way we work, to how we communicate with friends and our online shopping habits, technology has changed the way we do business and the way we live. But are you exploiting digital channels as well as you could to reach new audiences and engage with existing customers?

Whether you’re an early adopter who’s been networking over LinkedIn and sharing your insights in regular blogs for years, or a digi-sceptic who still prefers a handshake and a paper brochure, you need a digital strategy that’s tailored to your company’s requirements and appropriate to your customer base.

If you consider that mobile devices enable you to communicate with limitless audiences anywhere and anytime through digital channels, it soon becomes clear that digital marketing is an essential part of the mix, but how can you ensure you make it work for you?

Firstly, you need to make sure your website looks right and works well. Your website is your shop window and will often be the first point of contact with a potential new customer so you need to ensure it clearly articulates what you do and why customers should choose you.  It needs to be easy to navigate so that prospects can take a proper look around and they need to be able to contact you.

Don’t forget, the back end of your website is just as important as the elements that customers see on screen – optimisation for different formats (ios, android) and screen sizes and tagging to ensure your site is discoverable by search engines are all part of driving traffic to your online presence and enquiries to your door.

For extra help in driving traffic to your website, you may also want to consider pay per click (PPC) advertising too, which can often be a cost-effective way to boost your search engine listings when entering a new market or facing strong competition.

Your website should also connect your customers with your social channels, with click through icons to take them to your LinkedIn and Twitter feeds and live Tweets on your home page. Blogs, technical articles, video content and news can all be hosted here too, in that way, when you post a link to original content, you’re driving traffic to your website to find out more about you.

So, why should you draft blogs, record videos and post news on your website? Aside from the fact that it helps customers to get to know you, it will also boost your search rankings by refreshing your site and generate shareable content that allows your customers to boost your marketing for you!

Don’t forget, not all of your content needs to be original.  You can also use social media to post curated content, demonstrating that you have your finger on the pulse and giving you an opportunity to interact with customers. Remember, however, that opportunity goes hand in hand with responsibility and you will need to commit time to posting regularly and replying to any responses but CME can help you with all that.

For more targeted communications, you may want to add creative email campaigns to the mix too and we can help you navigate GDPR legislation and develop creative, readable e-shot content.

In fact, the possibilities for digital marketing are as limitless as the internet itself, so perhaps it’s time you took some advice on how best to exploit all that contemporary technology has to offer.

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