Manage Your Reputation..... Win More Tenders


In the construction sector, compiling tenders is one of those necessary evils that everyone accepts as part of a process but most would avoid given the opportunity.

For most companies, it’s not the valuable man hours and resources that are dedicated to compiling project-specific costings and calculations that form the major gripe, but the beauty parade element of singing your own praises, showcasing your expertise and giving the document itself the wow factor it needs to stand out.

For some, the answer to this is to have an in-house marketing team that can wax lyrical and add some design flair to the tender documents. For many, that kind of resource was cut as part of measures to streamline overheads, so achieving stand out with tender documents alone is a serious challenge.

The truth is, however, that much of the reputation-based content of a tender document is only there to substantiate what the client already knows about the tendering contractors. The key to winning more work is often to invest in building positive perceptions beyond the tendering process itself.

So how do you do that? PR is the ideal perceptions changing tactic because it is designed to influence with words, images and – in these days of social media – stakeholder engagement.

For example, you may include case studies of previous projects in your tender document to substantiate your proven ability to deliver similar schemes. How much more compelling would those case studies be if they had already appeared in the press, online and over social media?

You may also showcase the expertise of your team in your tender submissions, highlighting their knowledge and experience. But imagine if the client has already read an article bylined to a member of your team that demonstrates their thought leadership on a relevant topic or explains a technical element of your services.

Whether you have a dedicated team compiling tender documents or take an all-hands-on-deck approach to submitting your proposal, ensuring that your reputation is maintained across the channels that influence your client base is fundamental to your success.

It’s simply a matter of identifying what sets you apart from your competitors and maintaining a credible, regular PR presence to support the tender process.

PR, TendersSarah Reay