Don’t dismiss direct mail in the digital world

Direct mail.jpg

The digital world has changed the way people and organisations send and receive their communications. Snacking on news and company updates on social media channels using a smartphone is pretty much the norm, especially for the younger generation. So what does this mean for your marketing strategy? With social media taking centre stage, it may be tempting to give more traditional forms of marketing a back seat, but in doing so, you’re missing a trick.  Direct mail for example, can often be pushed down the priority list, but implemented properly, this traditional tool can still be incredibly effective.

One of the major benefits is that it does exactly what it says on the tin – provides direct communication with your target audience and the people and businesses that matter to you the most. Using highly accurate data, it allows you to carefully craft different messages to different audiences and the most appropriate calls to action. Importantly, these calls to action also make it one of the most measurable marketing tools as allow you to track responses. And if you’re not getting the results you were hoping for, you can change your messages as you assess the effectiveness of the campaign.

Hard copy campaigns give the recipient something tangible on their desk. As inboxes continue to clog and the post becomes more of a novelty, don’t underestimate the impact a mail out could have, particularly if you want to reach a limited number of high level execs.

The most effective direct marketing campaigns will be aligned to your market, audiences, budget and objectives. This may see you use email or hard copy – or a combination of the two.  Whatever your requirements, the key to successful direct mail is making it relevant to the recipient.  Only then will they sit up and take notice and, perhaps, decide to make one change that puts you on their supplier list.

In today’s fast moving world of communications, the platforms for getting your messages out there are vast. Social media has a vital role to play but make sure you take advantage of all channels. Direct mail shouldn’t be considered old hat – with the right creative input and messaging, it can be very much on trend.

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