Taking up the challenge

Many construction firms fall into the trap of trying marketing tactics without having a strategy, so fail to get results. We solve this problem by working with companies to develop strategic PR and marketing plans, which position them for growth. This may take extra time and research but the results are well worth it, removing any guesswork and ensuring any investment is maximised.

Challenger Lighting is the latest company to turn to CME to provide this service. This established commercial lighting business is seeking to expand its offer, so we’ll be carrying out extensive research on its target markets, competitors and customers to develop a comprehensive PR and marketing plan.

Sarah Reay, CME’s managing director explained: “Challenger has forged a strong reputation in its marketplace but has identified an opportunity to diversify to achieve further growth, which we’re going to help them explore.

“Our extensive research will give us the facts and data we need to devise the most effective PR and marketing tactics. This will ensure that Challenger is aware of both the opportunities and barriers which may impact sales, and how best to address them, ensuring the company can maximise its return on investment and meet its objectives.”