Square Feet Architects


Project Scope

This client wanted to maximise the value of the company’s work in designing buildings for the education sector by increasing awareness of its portfolio and capabilities amongst schools in Greater London.

Providing consultancy services and marketing coaching, we worked with the company to develop a marketing strategy and tactical approach that the company’s in-house team could deliver using their own content.

We then assisted the company in designing and launching the campaign and delivered an initial direct marketing programme for the firm before taking a step back while the Square Feet Team continues to deliver ongoing activity.

Client Feedback

It was really refreshing to work with a marketing agency that knew the architectural sector and understood the vital part our own team needed to play in our marketing activities.

Working with CME has given us the understanding and confidence to embed marketing messages and strategies across all areas of the practice so business development has become an organic process at every touch point.
— Daniel Leon, director, Square Feet Architects
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