CME’s Top Five Tips to Capitalise on Growth

GrowthWhile many construction businesses have put marketing on a back burner in response to challenging market conditions, recent indicators of an upturn in the sector’s fortunes are prompting some to seize the day and put their company at the top of search engine lists and on everyone’s lips. So what’s the best way to maximise the effectiveness of your first steps back into marketing without having to dig too deep to find the budget?




  1. Develop a marketing strategy and use it as the basis for a marketing plan – that way you can cost what you want to do, ensure it all delivers value and integrate tactics effectively, it usually works out cheaper and gives better returns than a cut price ad hoc approach
  2. Make sure your website is easy to find and simple to navigate – having a website is only of value if people can use it to access information quickly and easily
  3. Keep information fresh and up-to-date – content marketing not only aids search engine optimisation but also engages people and keeps them up to date with your company
  4. Maximise the value of materials across multiple channels – use social media, blogs, your website and traditional PR to spread the good news about your success

Remember that marketing is a two way process – find out what your customer base wants from you so that you can narrow down your tactical approach to the activity that will really work.