Construction Twittersphere

Unsurprisingly enough, the spending review was widely discussed across Twitter, before, during and after the announcements, with key construction sector magazines and journalists providing their own analysis and comment.  The environmental lobby was very vocal on the matter too, with opinion clearly divided between those who greeted the good news of infrastructure investment and those who were alarmed that roads, nuclear energy and fracking all featured significantly in the Government’s agenda. Locally to CME, the plans announced for a £260 million redevelopment of the Anfield area of Liverpool have also caused quite a stir on Twitter recently and it would seem that the project has been universally welcomed in Liverpool and beyond.

Further afield, the collapse of a building in Mumbai killing 10 people on 21st June once again brought the construction sector out in force to comment on Twitter, just as it did following the Bangladesh factory disaster in May. Indeed, while the world’s media has focused attention on working conditions and pay for factory operatives in the developing world, there has also been significant comment about the poor construction methods and materials that made the building so vulnerable.