Deliver more for less

A topical conversation amongst our political leaders, but what does it mean in marketing… Marketing comes at a price – you can’t stand out from your competition by waving a red flag.  But one way of reducing marketing overheads, whilst retaining the same results is by becoming process driven.

What do we mean?

All profitable companies grow through establishing effective systems and processes – tried and tested methods that work for them.  For example, let’s discuss an area of marketing – Lead generation. There are ten core processes your marketing team should be following to generate new opportunities for your sales team.

Let’s discuss one - Direct Marketing – There are five stages in the process:

1. Build a quality database, which is relevant to your campaign. Without quality data, your campaign will fail. Ensure you are contacting the decision maker, this is who you will build the relationship with.

2. Consider your target audience; consider your offer or your proposition. What are their needs, what will be the end result once you’ve completed your service, or sold them your product?

3. Consider point two, now write engaging copy to persuade your target audience to buy from you. This message may come in a number of forms, hard copy letter, email, blog post, post card, sales flyer – or a combination, whichever method works best for your market – we all respond differently.

4. You’ve sent out your direct mail piece, now it’s time to follow up – without follow up point’s one –three have all been a brand awareness exercise, which is fine, but you will generate fewer leads. Following up every time you send a campaign, it helps build the relationship, and increases the chance of conversion.

5. Go back to point one and start again – you’ve identified your warmer prospects, and you’ve eliminated companies who just want to be kept informed.

What are the benefits?

Following a proven system will enable you to eliminate wasted efforts, both in time, resource and money.  You can also continuously improve your processes to work for your business.

Get more for less from Construction Marketing Experts.

We have developed processes for all our marketing services, which can be administered by our experts, or can be brought in-house as a training system which we will coach your management team to implement.

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