Direct Marketing: What’s the Deal?

direct-marketing-diagramIt was a busy week of financial ping pong in the political world last week as Labour and the coalition argued it out over whether the average household is now better or worse off and whether or not the 50p tax rate should be reinstated for high earners. Whatever the political opinions that divide parties, friends and colleagues, one thing remains true no matter what – we all want to maximise the value of every £ we spend.

That’s just as true when we’re buying business services as it is in the supermarket, at the petrol station or in the pub. And those services not only need to offer quality and affordability but they need to be accountable too with some kind of measure of success in place.

That’s certainly the approach we take to designing direct marketing campaigns here at CME, ensuring excellent value and a tangible return on investment.  In fact., we’re so confident that we can combine affordability with excellent results that this week we’ve launched a special offer that enables clients to buy a fixed price integrated direct marketing campaign including creative, an e-shot, a hard copy mailer, data and telesales follow up all for just £3975+VAT.

The offer is for a limited period only but the fixed price approach is here to stay and it delivers three things:

  1. Affordable direct marketing
  2. A good deal with no hidden extras that can help with budgeting and provide a measurable project with which to test a new approach
  3. An integrated approach from a single supplier that ensures you leverage the maximum value from your campaign

As we all welcome signs of economic recovery with sensible caution, it’s important to maximise the potential to generate growth on the back of a more buoyant and optimistic marketplace without exposing ourselves too much financially. Fixed price expenditure can be an excellent way to achieve that, especially when that investment is designed to fulfil achievable goals.

At CME, all our campaigns are aligned to strategic goals and sound commercial outcomes and we know that direct marketing with the right creative to the right audiences followed up in the right way can work….because it’s worked for us!

For more information about our Direct Marketing Deal contact Sarah Reay on 0843 506 5202.