First Construction Marketing Webinar Success

Construction Marketing Experts held our first webinar master class last week and we’ve received some great feedback from our delegates in response. Entitled ‘How to create a winning marketing strategy in the UK Construction Industry Today’, the webinar discussed the challenges of the construction sector in the current economic climate and how this affects companies operating in the industry. Against this backdrop, the webinar then went on to discuss an example of a CME client that changed its tactical approach thanks to a marketing strategy developed with CME’s help, saving £20K on marketing spend and generating £8 million worth of enquiries as a result.

This real life example was used to demonstrate the important distinction between a marketing strategy and a tactical approach.  CME’s managing director, Sarah Reay, then explained the six step process for developing a marketing strategy that will deliver the greatest returns on your marketing spend and the best results for your business. Guiding you through the process of identifying why your customers choose you through to generating new customers, the ‘how to’ guide to determining your strategy concluded the webinar presentation.

If you missed our marketing strategy webinar, don’t worry, you can simply click here to register for a link to the full presentation. And why not join us for our next webinar that will look making the most of your sales effort.  It will be broadcast at 1.30pm on Thursday 28th March – simply contact Sarah Reay for your free invitation to join us.