How to Get More Value from Your Marketing Spend

ReturnWhether you’re specifying a £multi-million project, buying office furniture or simply popping out for a sandwich, everyone loves a bargain. But an important lesson in business – as in life – is that value is not always directly proportionate to cost. So while cheap might seem attractive, in practice it may simply mean substandard.  And while expensive might offer a reassurance of quality, sometimes it just equates to over-priced.

But let’s take a step back for a moment.  It is still possible to find good value without paying a heavy price for a premium product or service.  And in these difficult economic times, we all need to make available budgets go further and work harder.

In terms of your marketing spend, that not only means demanding return on investment; it also means looking for the tactical approach that will provide the most effective and targeted results for the amount of time and money invested. That magic formula will depend on your business, your resources and where you are in your marketing journey, but it could involve any of the following:

  • Posting a regular blog on your website and encouraging your contacts to opt in instead of sending out a newsletter
  • Using social media to develop new contacts and highlight company news
  • Negotiating with key publications to get a deal on an advertising package with some free editorial thrown in rather than placing ads as and when
  • Joining forces with another company on a combined exhibition stand rather than exhibiting alone
  • Using online tools like Survey Monkey to gather information about your customer base

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