London 2012: We’re Already Winning

London 2012: We’re Already WinningAs the excitement builds and the final countdown to this year’s London 2012 Olympics continues, controversy still rages over the cost of hosting the Games and whether the country can afford it. For some, the counter argument of the amount of money that it will generate for the economy across the tourism, hospitality and retail sectors doesn’t compensate for the financial exposure of such a huge investment.

But, leaving the undoubted tourist dollar benefits of the Games aside, surely the focus this year should not be on the financial exposure that London 2012 involves, but excellent exposure the Games will provide for the skills and achievements of our construction sector.

As anyone who has been to any of the Olympic venues will attest, these are world class facilities worthy of the finest athletes from across the globe.  The contractors that have worked on them, often to pretty exacting deadlines, have demonstrated a level of skill, quality and attention to detail of which we can all be proud.  And, while this is true for many other, non-Olympic buildings across the UK, it is the Olympic Games that will focus the world’s media on what the UK construction sector can do.

We don’t know yet how Team GB will fair in the games – that emotional rollercoaster doesn’t start until the end of July and there are bound to be some shock disappointments as well as  - fingers crossed! – some surprise wins. What we can be certain of, however, is that Construction Team GB has already won the battle for recognition and seized the opportunity that London 2012 has offered.  So when you sit down with trepidation this summer to see whether our athletes can pull it out of the bag on the day, just remember that, as far as the construction sector’s concerned, we’re already winning!