Step out of Your Comfort Zone and Experience The Power of PR

As professional marketers, we find that many companies feel comfortable with advertisements, websites and brochures – they know exactly how much bang they’re going to get for their buck and enjoy having complete control of every last detail. PR’s not like that. It relies on finding an angle, standing out in a crowd and letting go of the reigns a little. Often, it requires stepping out of your comfort zone……but the rewards for taking that step can be substantial.

The construction sector, as a rule, tends to be conservative and I’ve heard many companies revel in their ‘best kept secret’ status. That’s fine if you have the size and order book to allow you such a luxury but, for most companies, making sure that as many potential customers know what you do and why you’re better than the competition makes a lot more sense.

Over the past few months we’ve worked closely with a number of companies in the eco building products and renewable technologies sector; a market which is growing and has enormous potential.  While their areas of expertise are diverse, they all have two things in common: they are keen to demonstrate the value they can offer in both environmental and financial terms and they face a marketplace that is sometimes cynical and often confused.

For these companies, PR is the ideal marketing tactic.  It can be used to educate your marketplace, position your brand, profile your team’s expertise and explain the benefits of your products/technology.  Ultimately, all of that will help to smooth the way for your sales team and help you drive sales.

That’s why; we’re offering a special PRomotion throughout June, which includes a mini proposal, development of a press release and distribution of the release to our media database, for just £300….a saving of £250.

So go on…..step out of your comfort zone!

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